D-Link DI-7001 MINI Mini Routing Strips Price in Dubai UAE

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scope of application It is suitable for network application scenarios such as home decoration, chain stores, and catering.
Functional description It is a multi-functional intelligent gateway that integrates functions such as routing, POE, intelligent flow control, WeChat management, and wireless controller.
Memory: 128MB
Flash memory: 16MB
Wan port: 1
Lan port (POE): 4
buttons: Reset
Port rate: 10/100Mbps adaptive
Size: 235×50×27mm
Power consumption: ≤52W (with POE)
Power supply: DC 52V, 1A
Maximum number of concurrent connections: 13000 Number of
machines: within 50
Hardware version number: A1
PPTP client: 8
L2TP clients: 8
Intelligent speed limit: support intelligent flow control, traditional flow control, application priority, bandwidth guarantee, Control exceptions, time period management;
WEB authentication: support WEB simple authentication, WeChat with WiFi, Radius
and black URL management: black and white list, domain name filtering, domain name redirection, URL redirection, P2P software restrictions, chat software management , video software management;
firewall function: support connection limit, ARP defense, DDoS defense, access control, MAC address filtering
control ; : support smart Wi-Fi marketing platform (device cloud management, Portal authentication), AC platform (manageable 8 APs);
VPN application: support PPTP/L2TP server, PPTP/L2TP client, IPSEC VPN;
management method: support WEB management, remote access, online detection and upgrade, WeChat management, device linkage.


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